Welcome to our page! We are very happy you stopped by to see what we’ve been up to and we plan to update you regularly with our latest playtime adventures. We are the creations of Nikki Anderson and Nathan Reynolds and we take great pleasure in enacting the scenarios they give us. And we’re excited to now have a place to share those ideas with you!

We would like to note that Nikki and Nathan have done only quick and dirty edits on these pieces and it should not be expected that they are publish-ready. Some of them may eventually go through a full editing/re-write process and be included in the future collaborations of Nikki and Nathan, but that has yet to be determined.

You should know that we are a dedicated D/s (Dom/sub) couple; therefore, the posts here will contain strong language and may often exhibit images that are NSFW/NSFK.

We also want you to know that we are experienced in the realm of our kinks and always adhere to strict safety protocols during our play. We recommend all Doms and subs educate themselves on the guidelines to ensure no harm comes to anyone during steamy sessions. There is ample opportunity during most BDSM engagements for someone to get hurt, and knowing the dos and don’ts is critical to the enjoyment of both (or all) participants. Remember – safe, sane, and consensual!

Now, without further ado, we invite you to be the good little voyeurs we know you are and take a glimpse into what goes on behind our closed door…