Oh, good! You’ve arrived at the page for John Painz! I titled this ‘John Painz – Editing’ to showcase that particular ability of his, but there is so much more to this incredibly talented soul. Let’s start with the obvious.

When the idea for the Acts series came to me, John was the first person to whom I reached out. It began with me hoping to ask a few questions and bounce some ideas off of him, which he gladly allowed, but then he offered to edit for me.

I was completely blown away at the gesture. To have someone of his caliber make such a suggestion was more than I ever hoped for.

John is my friend first and my editor second. In both capacities, he is priceless to me.

I’m sure he could tell you stories about emails I’ve sent to him wherein he could practically hear me hyperventilating with excitement, fear, panic…and general mania. Through it all, he remained calm, supportive, and honest. He handled me the way any sane person deals with a borderline mental patient landing in their inbox on the daily.

I wholeheartedly love this man and can never thank him enough for embarking on this journey of madness with me. I also can’t say enough to recommend him if you are in need of an editor.

The best way to contact him is via DM on Twitter. Have a chat. Send him a few pages, let him work his magic, and see if he’s the right fit for you. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain when it comes to having your book properly edited.

You can also check out his blog, Words From Here. He has a lot going on and doesn’t update it too often anymore, but there are some really great archives that give a solid glimpse into the world of filmmaking.

And speaking of that, John is the writer, producer, and director of two award-winning feature-length films. He even starred in one of them!

Just look at all those film festival acknowledgements…crazy talent, right?

For even more, go to John’s IMBd page and you’ll find a full list of his other credits including shorts and web series.

Still not enough for you? He is currently in the process of penning two epic novels. The first is completed and its sequel is in progress, and they will be published when he’s put his final, polishing touches on them.

And stay tuned for more films when life goes back to ‘normal.’

On a personal note, nothing I ever say could thank John enough for so graciously giving me his professional time and always being a sanctuary of a friend.

With so much love,

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